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Crazy Things You Can Do With Cardboard BoxesPosted On: Mar-01-2022  By: faddy

Crazy Things You Can Do With Cardboard Boxes

We all have used cardboard boxes for various uses and I am pretty sure those uses were restricted packing your stuff to shift to a new place, keeping your old stuff in these boxes, and using these boxes to get rid of your stuff in order to make your apartment/house look clean. Well, then you might be a little surprise that our firm offers cardboard boxes for various purposes in all sizes and shapes for different purposes.

Furthermore, our professionals are here to help you provide various customize things made from cardboard boxes. Also you can try and make some amazing and useful stuff with the help of using these boxes. Following are some of the great ideas to use cardboard boxes & packaging and make new things with it:

1. A Book Shelf

Yes, a decent, delicate and small book shelf can be made with the help of these boxes. All you need to do is cut the boxes into different lengths and sizes to make a book shelf, divide it into different sections and there you have a small but decent book shelf. You can also place your pen holders on it as well. Furthermore, if you think to give it a good color then you can design it and add your creativity as well.

2. Wall Hangings

Cardboard boxes can also be used as decorating items such a wall hangings. You can make photo frames and decorate it with different ornamental stuff like shells, alphabets and stuff. Also cardboard boxes can be used as covers for long hanging bulbs which can give it a new look.

3. Lamps

One of the great uses of cardboard boxes can be to turn these into lamps. Not the traditional looking lamps but geometrically designed lamps. All you need to do is first cut the cardboard box into the shape that you want your lamp to be. After the geometric designs, simply place the bulb under the lamp and make it look like it's an antique or a vintage piece.

4. Playhouse For Your Kids/Pets

Instead of buying the expensive playhouses for your kids, you can make a playhouse of your own with many customizations and creative ideas with just cardboard boxes.  You can also make house for your pets too. All you need to do is use your creative mind and turn these boxes into an incredibly amazing playhouse and pet house.



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