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Custom Cardboard Boxes for PackagingPosted On: Feb-17-2022  By: AMBROSE RAILY

Custom Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

Protection and preservation of the classic items and other knick-knacks have always been an indispensable requirement which was first felt by the man who first colonized this planet. The packaging of any product has always been a task to fulfill, people of any or every era took some definite steps to enclose their items. Individuals in the prehistoric times used to practice different methods for meeting their requirements of packaging, but these methods were not that useful. Leaves of various trees were used to carry products from one place to another. As the civilization kept on expanding, methods of packaging also advanced, and better and more efficient techniques took the place of the previously used practices. With the development of cities and villages, packaging means also advanced to baskets, crates, and clay replacing the leaves and clothes.

Packaging: A Brief Timeline

The packaging industry has passed through a number of stages finally reaching its climax today. The major revolution in the industry of packaging was reported to occur at the beginning of the nineteenth century in England. We should all be thankful to the Silk Route that allowed trade between Europe and China which led the English people to make paper during the beginning of 19th century and more precisely in 1817. Chinese invented paper around 1600, but it took almost 200 years for Englishmen to copy the patent. But English took over the Chinese as in the same year of getting the success of make paper, i.e.,.1817, they made a cardboard box too. The industrial revolution in the years 1840-1870 set a benchmark, and then the usage of these boxes took its extremes.

In the year 1856, the invention of the corrugated paper was also a significant breakthrough in the packaging industry. Manufacturers were benefitted a lot by the advantageous features of this paper due to enhanced durability and cost-friendliness. Soon after the discovery of corrugated paper, in the year 1871, this paper was used for making the first corrugated paper box. Preeminent ever cardboard box was manufactured by Robert Gair in the year 1879. This idea of folding of cartons pleased Gair so much that he used this technique to patent his box. Now you just have to get online and buy cardboard boxes to get yourself the finest packaging at minimal expenditure.

The Bonus of Customization:

Customization or packaging is the most suited option for the business sectors as along with these boxes come a number of other benefits too. The manufacturers of these wholesale cardboard boxes are duty bound to manufacture the boxes precisely according to your description. You have the sole authority to decide the nature of your custom cardboard packaging including the material to be used; should it be corrugated paper or simple cardboard box. Moreover, you can also decide the color of your box and also the designs, textures and other high-resolution graphics if you are willing to make your box look attractive and grab the attention of customers. Custom boxes are also very economical as you can buy a lot of these wholesale printed cardboard boxes online very smoothly. Today with the dawn of e-commerce industry it has become very easy to buy cardboard boxes.

Custom packaging is regarded as a ruling king in the kingdom of packaging and today in these highly competitive markets these customized cardboard boxes play the role of ace of spades. This system of packaging has been so fruitful over the period of time that it has taken over all other alternatives because the packaging that succeeds in winning your attention is the right kind of packaging. Customized boxes have been very handy as printed cardboard boxes wholesale help saving a great deal and also they are a very competent tool of advertisement.



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