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How to Use Cake Boxes for Safe Cake PackagingPosted On: Jul-16-2021  By: David

How to Use Cake Boxes for Safe Cake Packaging

The cake boxes, cake is baked and decorated – now it’s time for a birthday celebration! Whether you’re visiting few miles or a few ft. those beneficial recommendations and hints approximately how to deliver desserts will assist make certain that your deal gets to any place it’s going secure and sound.

  • All about that base. Make certain to comfortable your bottom layer to the cake board or platter the use of a touch-swipe of buttercream frosting. This will prevent your cake from sliding off the base.
  • Choose the proper size board for the process. You want to apply a cake box that measures a minimum of 2 in. Larger than your cake. As an example, in case you’re transporting an eight in. Cake, use a 10 in. Cake board. This gives you a few greater rooms for transferring the cake inside and outside of the box and forestalls your decorations from getting smudged towards the facet of the container.
  • A touch more support can pass a long manner, particularly in case your cake has more than one tier. For tiered or heavier cakes, we suggest taping two or 3 cake boards together for extra balance.
  • On the subject of the field, size topics. For a comfortable and safe shape, try to use a cake field that’s the same length as your cake board. In case your container is barely larger than your board, use a non-skid mat in the container to save your cake from sliding around. Additionally, don’t neglect to account for height. Choose a field at the least 2 in. Taller than your cake, mainly if it’s piled excessive with decorations.
  • Bundle decorations one after the other. When you have gum paste vegetation, fondant decorations, or candles on your cake, cake box package that one after the other and place them on your cake once you’ve arrived at your destination.
  • As soon as your cake and decorations are packed, you’re ready to hit the street! You can do a few things at some point of this level to make sure your cake arrives prepared to serve.

Planning in advance

  • Whether or no longer to remember the climate. Cake, icing, and filling are all touchy to warmness and cold. In case you’re traveling an extended distance in the summertime, you may want to avoid using Swiss meringue buttercream or cream cheese frosting, which are sensitive to heat.
  • Permit your host to recognize if you need a fridge area. If your cake desires to be refrigerated whilst you arrive, make sure you call beforehand and allow your host to realize to make a few rooms in the fridge!

Assisting and Cake Packing

  • Time to sit back! To make it less complicated to handle buttercream cakes, you could kick back it in the fridge or freezer earlier than transport. This will make the surface of your cake much less possibly to smudge while packing your cake.
  • Build your content around your cake. Rather than building your cake box one after the other than trying to find a way to drop the cake in without smudging it, attempt assembling the cake across the field. Really region the cake (on its board) at the flat bottom of the cake box, then increase the edges and tape it closed.
  • For introduced assistance and stability, use a cake provider. In case you need to present your cake introduced safety, attempt the use of our cake service. With three locking latches and a robust deal, this provider is remarkable for transporting heavier cakes as much as 5 in. Tall and 10 in round.
  • Journey first, build later. If your cake has a couple of tiers, the cake box package deals with every tier one at a time, then collect your cake once you’ve arrived at your vacation spot.

Loading and journeying

  • Check the auto for level spots. As a great deal as you may need to put the cake at the seat next to you, a slanted surface could cause your cake to slide off the board and into the aspect of the cake box. Preserve temperature outside and inside the car in mind. Desserts need to be stored cool to save you from melting
  • Power carefully! You put quite a few paintings into this cake, so make sure to avoid steep ramps, surprising stops, and short starts evolved, and be careful with those velocity bumps!

Setting up

  • Slide, don’t elevate. When you have reached at your celebration place, cut open the side of the box and slide the cake out as opposed to lifting it.
  • Do one briefer take a look at it. Before serving, do one more spot check in your cake to make sure you ought not to make any maintenance. Upload any decorations you brought one after the other and get geared up to shock and amaze your buddies!

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3. Cake Box Suppliers

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6. Cake Slice Boxes

Cake slice boxes permit your customers to take your scrumptious cakes domestic with them. The unmarried slice cake boxes are perfectly sized to maintain non-public quantities of cake or pie, retaining your patron's delight and ensuring that every slice is the identical length.



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