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How to Use Pizza Boxes for Your Pizza Brands AdvertisementPosted On: Oct-06-2021  By: David

How to Use Pizza Boxes for Your Pizza Brands Advertisement

For pizzeria businesses worldwide, the pizza boxes are a mainstay for retaining the freshness of pizzas. They offer outstanding protection to the delicate food items that they are even used in the delivery process. They are a valuable marketing opportunity, but unfortunately, pizza business owners disregard their marketing potential.

If you are using some other promotional platforms, it is a high chance that you are unable to target all your customer base. But, these boxes let you do that. All you have to do is to reinvent their design. Please have a look at our easy-to-implement ideas that can give a boost to your brand promotion.

Make them eye-catchy:

Though differentiating between brands based on pizza taste and flavor is impossible. Pizza box presents an ample opportunity to distinguish yourself from other pizzeria businesses. As a brand, you would have your signature color that speaks about your product's uniqueness. Bump up your brand-themed color schemes paired with beautiful images to get customer attention. Or, write some punchy message of wisdom in unique fonts that hint back at the personality of your business.

The best tactic is to amaze the customers with beautiful taglines printed on the inside of the box. Such an eye-catching design is likely to be shared on social media in the form of videos and pictures. Sticking with the same colors and graphics every time is not a wise approach. It is recommended to keep bringing variations in them to keep the customers' interest alive in the printed content on the box.

Add unpredicted promotions:

The love of customers for a fantastic unboxing experience is eternal. For this reason, pizza boxes wholesale suppliers design the packaging with unique colors and textures. These touches serve a great deal in creating ever-lasting impressions, and customers usually expect their pizzas to come in amazingly designed packaging.

Exceed their expectations by adding some promotional yet rewarding elements inside the pizza packages. Pre-print some contest elements in the form of puzzlers on your boxes. And provide the target audience with some complementary markers that are branded with your logo. You can also print some URLs on the packages that lead customers to a discounted page filled with your brand information.

Link them to social media:

There are hundreds of pizzeria businesses, even in a small town. So, the customers need a reason not to stop interacting with you. Buy pizza boxes in wholesale quantity to reduce your expenses and print some QR codes linking to your social media presence. Make sure to publish them artistically to encourage the customers to put their smartphones' cameras over them.

As everyone uses social media platforms, so you can reach 100% of your customer base. You can also incentivize the customers to share the packages with the online world. All of the comments, tweets, and shares made on the pictures and videos of these packages would be a digital word of mouth for your product.

Create synergy:

Synergy refers to combining two or more things to achieve a more significant result than those things alone. During the launch of a marketing campaign, the brands try to bring synergy everywhere. Everything ranging from their social media ads to billboards and flyers follows the same theme. This is done to make it easier for the customers to recognize their brand.

As a pizzeria business, you should also be launching a marketing campaign. So, do not forget to include packaging in this marketing mix. Ask your pizza box suppliers to have a specific graphic, color, or headline into the packaging design. This way, your marketing campaign would look more consistent, and your brand would become easily recognizable.

Include extras:

Promoting the goodwill of your pizzeria business is indispensable if you want to earn yourself greater recognition in the market. Pizza boxes for sale make this job much easier for you. They provide you with plenty of ways to thank your customers, ultimately building your brand's soft image. You can add some random gift items that offer some value to the customers in these packages.

The boxes have ample space inside that can be used to place some coupon codes as well. Such extras promise to propose more value to the clients and are challenging to resist. So, buy pizza boxes and use them to offer additional incentives to the audience to start preferring your items over others.

Protecting the delectable pizzas is not the only function of pizza boxes. They can serve you in more ways. Think of them like black canvass and design them in a way that your products immediately become a favored choice. They can be a real boost for your brand recognition, considering that you implement ideal promotional strategies through them.



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