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How You Can Make Custom Sleeve Boxes For Yourself?Posted On: Jun-06-2023  By: Joshua David

How You Can Make Custom Sleeve Boxes For Yourself?

Are you looking for a unique gift box to present a gift to your beloved one, or do you want to have a solution for the storage of delicate and essential items? Sleeve boxes can be the right match, which you can make at home without any difficulty and high expenses to fulfill your needs.

Easy Steps to Make Your Sleeve Packages

Following the below easy steps to create your custom sleeve boxes can help you in the best possible way to get the desired solution with ease and perfection. 

Collect Required Materials

Materials and elements that you will need to craft sleeve packaging boxes for you are: 

  • Kraft paper or cardboard stock
  • Scissors or knife for cutting purposes
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • And scoring tool

It is essential to keep all these required things within your arm’s reach in order to save your time and avoid any kind of issues during crafting desired personalized sleeve boxes. It has been witnessed that many times people lose focus and cause loss of resources and time by just getting up after every minute while crafting these boxes. To get useful and printed sleeve boxes, you must be using cardstock with printed front.

Outline Tray and Sleeve

To design and craft any kind of box, outlining is an important aspect that cannot be ignored at any cost. So, to make smooth progression for crafting sleeve packages to fulfill your storage of gifting needs, first of all, determine that what should be the size of your box considering the need for the item to be packaged in it. For example, if you need 5cm² trays with 2cm height, you will need a 9cm² piece of cardstock, and similarly, for sleeve cover, you will require a cardstock piece with 5cm x 5cm x 2 cm dimensions. You can make use of cardstock in different sizes according to your packaging needs. You should place your cardstock on cutting board to determine the dimension of your desired boxes and make use of pencils to mark cutting and folding lines to give them the desired shape. In this regard, you can also take advantage of templates available on the internet.

Make Cuts and Fold Lappets

To customize sleeve boxes that you are looking for, after making outlines for both sleeve trays and covers, you should be making cuts with the help of sharp scissors or knife to prepare your stock for the final shape. It is suggested that always your cutting too must be sharp so that while making cuts, there should not be any loss of cardstock due to the dullness of cutting tools. Following the cutting line on your prepared outline, make cuts appropriately. Also, there will be some scoring lines that should also be allocated effectively in order to fold the lappets and to give your prepared boxes the final shape. Any kind of confusion about the cutting lines and scoring ones can lead you towards loss of resources and time, so you should make use of pencils of different colors while outlining.

Glue up

Once you are done with folding up the required lappets of your custom printed sleeve boxes, it is the time to glue up the gluing lappets to finalize the shape and strengthen the capability to protect packaged items from slipping out. In this regard, hot glue is considered a perfect connecter that you can use for these boxes. Make sure if you are using any other element in this regard, it should be long-lasting. 

Let Them Dry And Decorate

After making sleeve boxes and gluing them up, keep them in the air to let them dry before adding any decorative element. When you feel that your boxes are dry, you can add decorative elements according to your needs. 

To craft sleeve packaging boxes at lower prices and with limited resources, the explained steps can help you in the best possible ways. By following explained steps, you will be getting a cheaper solution in comparison to sleeve boxes wholesale that are also considered as a cost-effective way. You can make these multipurpose boxes effectively by making the right steps following the suggested ones by The Custom Boxes Australia.



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