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Incorporation of Award Programs By PIDAPosted On: Dec-16-2021  By: Natalia

Incorporation of Award Programs By PIDA

In the entire Australasian region and the World Packaging Organization, The new Packaging and Processing Innovation and Design Award (PIDA) marks a number of industry at first that include participation between three developed and respected industry association.

To discover how the program will be shaped out and how it will rise and shine, PKN holds a meeting with the key members of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Manufacturers Association (APPMA), the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and the Packaging Council of New Zealand. This was held prior to the announcement made at the gala dinner.

Four Main Objectives of PIDA

  1. To incorporate a number of existing award programs for all over Australia and New Zealand into a connected industry- based program to pinpoint contemporary packaging and processing designs, from materials buttoned- up to packaging and machinery.
  2. For latest awards program to be the restricted access point to the influential World Star Awards, developing universal recognition for ANZ innovations every year.
  3. For the advanced awards program to be leading program in Australia and New Zealand.]
  4. For latest awards program to be an annual gala event along with the National Conference  and AUSPACK in alternate years, beneath the Packaging and Processing week umbrella.

This program will make some small adjustments in the forthcoming months.

In order to present the best interest of industries going forward, the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will play a large part in prospering an advice on the basis of its thorough experience in building and judging awards programs on how the program will work, and how best to incorporate the criteria and awards from the four associations.  

In accordance with the timing for rollout, the New Zealand PIDAs will be put in motion later this year.

The inaugural presentation of the Australian version will be held alongside AUSPACK at gala awards night at the Novotel Hotel on 8th of March 2017.

To develop a single Australasian platform, the organization will work to systemize the programs

PKN is grateful to announce that it has now been appointed as an exclusive media partner for PIDA.

Source: PKN



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