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Master Guide to Making Printed Boxes that Fulfill Customers DemandPosted On: Aug-17-2021  By: David

Master Guide to Making Printed Boxes that Fulfill Customers Demand

All are ready in the market at cheap prices. They create a unique identity for your brand and increase the visibility of your products. Here is a detailed guide about them.

Printed Boxes Material:

Print on boxes is an important factor when it comes to increasing the identity of your brand. The printing material needs to be of high quality. If the quality of printing is not good, your final packages will look cheap. Experts advise using the most durable material for printing purposes. Cardboard, Kraft, and e-flute corrugated stock is the perfect material for printing purposes. These materials are durable and provide a smooth surface for printing.

Fine printing quality is achievable on the packages if they are using these materials. Customers always notice the quality of the printing when they look at the package. It acts as the silent salesman for your company. If they are not happy with the printing quality they will not buy your products. The role of the material you want to print on is the biggest factor here. Many companies who use low-quality material suffer in the long run. It is because they have to bear negative feedback from customers.

Techniques for Box Printing:

Cardboard box printing is important for improving the overall packaging experience. There are three types of printing that are commonly used for packages. Following is the detail of each kind of printing.

1. Digital Printing

Printed mailer boxes mostly use digital printing. It is the latest form of printing. Most of the companies are preferring this method of printing for their products because of its high-end results. It is a method in which real images are printed directly on the packaging material digitally.

Large formats are used for the printing of desktop publishing as well. Laser inject inks are commonly present in this method. The perk of using this procedure is that it allows on-time results. The quick turnaround time for digital printing is what makes it an eye-candy for the customers.

2. Screen Printing

This method utilizes a mesh to transfer the ink to any surface. The mesh is passed under the ink filling process with the help of a blade. Reverse strokes allow the screen to touch the substrate and the impression is formed along the line of contact. To use more than one color you have to add multiple screens.

3. Offset Printing

This method is also used for the printing of packages. In this method, the inked image is moved to a surface. Before transferring it to the printing surface the image is passed to a rubber plate. Ink rollers are available to transfer the image to the image carrier. The benefit of this method is that a high-quality printing image is seen at the end. The printing plate production will be easy and quick as compared to the other methods.

You can choose any method to get the results you want for your packages. In addition to these printing methods, you can use different color models as well. CMYK and PMS are the most common color modeling. CMYK is the use of four colors including cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You can choose any color that represents your brand and go for it. PMS on the other hand is famous for the color combinations it provides. You can use different color blends to improve the look of the packages.

Sizes and designs:

CD cover printing with unique shapes and designs is a great way of attracting your customers. You can do it with almost all the products. The purpose of printing is to reflect the quality of the product. Using a printing scheme that represents your brand will help you in gaining attention. If you are adding a die-cut window with no colors in the packaging, it will look bland. You need to add colors and a theme around it to excite the customers. Printed packages are a great helping hand when it comes to having multiple shapes and sizes.

Sustainable inks:

Custom printed pillows utilize sustainable inks. These inks are the new future of printing. There are many benefits of using sustainable inks. People are aware of the fact that our environment needs sustainable resources. This sustainability is also important when it comes to the printing of paper.

UV, soy-based, and solvent ink are the common types of inks used in subscription box printing. All of them provide a nice quality of printing. These inks are odor-free and are resistant to water. The printing qualities will remain intact if you use these inks. Printed boxes play a vital role in creating a unique identity for your brand. There are multiple techniques of printing available for these packages.

Offset, screen, and digital methods are the most commonly used ones. PMS and CMYK color models are making it easy for the manufacturers to be creative with the colors. Companies are using sustainable inks to get the maximum attention of the customers. These inks also provide a source to minimize the use of natural resources.



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