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The Packaging Industry and PIPR Strategy for Black FridayPosted On: Dec-10-2021  By: CHARLES

The Packaging Industry and PIPR Strategy for Black Friday

The packaging industry is a trade sector concerned with the plan, propose, drawing, and the making of packaging items for consumption. The packaging consists of the whole thing from covering to shelf displaying, and to boxes used all through consignment to save the goods from harm while they are on the shift. Packaging is compulsory for the goods transportation, fortification, management & presentation, and to put the items whether they are large or small on show. The focal point of some corporations in the packaging industry is producing safe and sound packaging to maintain the products out of harm's way and from smash up, such as bubble cover, patterned foam, and some supplementary packaging products. That kind of wrapping is more convenient and realistic than appealing, as the most important concern is safety rather than appearance. While some other businesses are paying attention in the packaging used for presentation and demonstration purposes, to display products with alluring visions to encourage the customer concentration.

The packaging industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the globe that the worth of a global automotive industry is less than a packaging industry. Interestingly, the global packaging market will reach the miraculous heights of $975 billion at the end of 2018. The reason for this growth is that, packaging is now a basic need of every house hold and business. From covering to wrapping, and packing to boxing, the packaging diligence is the sole provider to give us cover. The annual growth rate till 2018 is expected to be 4% and reasons for this positivity are: increase on metropolitan areas, the growth in housing and construction sectors, the maturity of retail businesses, increase in incomes and living standards, and emergence of developing economies.

With this boom in packaging industry, every business owner has a wish to take the maximum benefits from consumers. But, here is one occasion on which benefits are towards the customer’s side and that event is Black Friday. Since 1932, the Black Friday has been deemed as a commencement of Christmas shopping season in most parts of the world. First it was started in USA, but now it is being observed as a discounted shopping event in many countries. With an unbelievable popularity of Black Friday among customers, now retail and online stores are also devising different strategies to attract more and more customers. Among all existing and new approaches, the PIPR strategy is the most effective for Black Friday preparations.

PIPR Strategy

The PIPR strategy model consists of four independent factors Plan, Influence, Peak, and Repeat. The PIPR strategy model is a simplest approach that can be functional to the fundamentals of a team or a project as well in context of Black Friday. Let's take a look at each of the strategy exclusively:


This initial strategy includes the most important approach which is; the preparation, planning & development, and make known the content of Black Friday to each and every one.

Game Plan for Black Friday:

  • Very first step towards Black Friday success is an exclusive landing page with improved and advance content. Not only on Black Friday, but your page can get top rankings for the whole year also by just enhancing the Black Friday page.
  • There are some conventional SEO practices for aggressive marketing and that is link-building. It can easily enhance the credibility or your Black Friday optimized pages at the exact peak shopping period.
  • The Pay-Per-Click is the paid marketing tool which is the most successful and useful strategy to gain maximum benefits at peak shopping season. But, the thing which we need to keep in our plans is that the PPC campaigns must be started well before the peak time to avoid the expensive Cost-Per-Click costs.


In this phase, you’ll know how important research is to find all the potential consumers and it can surely increase the influence of your brand in the market.

Blueprint for Black Friday:

  • Research for customers or the consumer’s researches are two significant operational excellences for any business, and for Black Friday the customer research can create a rewarding benefit.
  • For all online stores, the customer acquisition before Black Friday is very essential because it can create a chance of retarget and improvement in services provided to customers.
  • Focus more on core products and satisfaction of shoppers.


From October 15 to December 15 is the time when online shopping is at its peak and considered as the biggest shopping season of the year. So, the most influential strategy is required for that period of time.

Master Plan for Black Friday:

  • To get maximum benefits from Black Friday, your brand must be well in touch with the customers before this event so that you already have your passionate potential customers at the time of event.
  • The peak purchase time is that valuable time during which you can again target those customers who visited you quite frequently before peak time.

The peak purchase is very crucial for all businesses and at that time the best practice is to get the most out of forthcoming traffic.

Tactical Plan for Black Friday:

  • During the last quarter of the year, Black Friday is not the only peak purchase time but the Cyber Monday and Christmas is also the part of biggest shopping season. So, there a lot of leftover stock can easily be capitalized at Cyber Monday and Christmas. That is the most important time to gain customer’s loyalty and satisfaction. By just updating your all landing pages with updated information, you can retain your customers for longer period of time.


The optimized and updated landing page is such strategy which can give you a glimpse of Black Friday throughout the year.

Black Friday Line of Attack:

  • Apart from all marketing and optimization efforts, the best practice is the development of your on-page content on daily basis or frequently so that you can create your influence and credibility well before next year’s time of peak purchase.+

As per Google, 20% of the customers start their holiday shopping in September. So, it is better to devise business strategy before months of final event to maximize the impact. Black Friday is not only a day to increase the sales, but it is the best time to build a strong brand. This can easily be done by informing your valuable customers and your staff that your strategies are not for profits but for the overall satisfaction. Events like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is the time to be aware of our top customers and know what is most important for them. While formulating all strategies for big events, Brands also need to look and align their visions and missions, and principles just to sort out what they can do with their available resources to make the events like Black Friday only one of its kind an full of achievements.



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