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Top Packaging Trends In 2016Posted On: Jun-05-2023  By: FERDINAND

Top Packaging Trends In 2016

Since the inception of a 21st century, we have observed remarkable changes in the lifestyle, and the reason for that shift is technology and its uses. New skills and expertise are the results of technology which helped humankind more than ever in a completion of their daily tasks. Every day new studies and innovations are converting our private life into a line of business. These trends affected not only human life but industrial existence also which is continuously commencing new business trends. Trends are changing now season-wise, and it becomes really hard to keep ourselves aware of latest trends. The Same situation is prevailing in ‘Packaging’ industry due to technological awareness by industry and customers.

Trends are those personal expectations of brands or customers to engage others at more individual and personal level to provide and have the best packaging experience. Latest trends have the tendency to influence the generations, brands, consumers, and the innovations in the global packaging industry. Here are six paramount trends determine to metamorphose the packaging business in 2016:

Digital Printing:

It’s better to call digital printing a digital revolution for packaging industry because it offers a new attention-grabbing way not only for retailers but also the brand owners, and packaging commuters to attract customers to their product boxes by generating up-to-the-minute opportunities on an emotional, individual, and domestic level. Digital trend in 2016 is undoubtedly a pleasant spot for digital printing because on the verge of its benefits; packaging industry commences to take advantage on digital printing money-making and speed-to-market compensations for conventional package embellishment.


Flexible packaging is a unique way offering only one of its kind opportunities to brands and businesses to make their products stand out, with almost beyond compare beautification and advertisement openings. Another type of flexible packaging is stand-out pouches which are peerless in visuals and value production. These pouches are gaining popularity at a rapid pace, and brands are also looking for these pouches to capture the interest of consumers. However, in a field of flexible packaging, a new invention of rigid/flexible hybrid designs are gaining a reputation among actually the modern brands.


In these days, the customers are getting more and more educated about what they require before acquiring the product, and information related to the product and brand is the most imperative aspect for shoppers. Customers at present insist for more information upfront in a way that it is more clear and concise. The information on packages are written through labeling also which is known as graphic communication, and the concepts of clean labeling with crystal clear on-pack information are set to converge.

  1. Eco-Friendly: Consumers are demanding brands to get rid of unwanted substances, colorings, and prophylactics; they also require extra regarding packaging continuity, and progressively more expecting from brands to make visible a better accountability in dropping the influence of packaging and its waste on the atmosphere. That is why the most dominant trend of not only the 2016 but the trend of the 21st century is eco-friendliness. In these days, socially responsible businesses and brands are penetrating towards environment-friendly packaging options because customers are pinpointing the responsibility of green packaging to brands by creating eco-friendly materials for the betterment of the world. In competitive markets, brands cannot afford to ignore this thing, as eco-friendliness is the main driver in consumer’s purchasing decisions.
  2. Sizing: It is a right time to develop an effective strategy for package sizing because many sizes are now available for the vast range of products, but on the other hand, consumers are looking for smaller packages especially for food items like beverages and snacks. For all businesses the brand and customers loyalty towards the brand is everything. In order to prevent a name or brand from unenthusiastic trends; packaging industry must deliver the right-sized packaging to consumers. Reduction in size of the packaging means less material will use in producing the packages and it will also help us in improving our deteriorating environment.
  3. Mobile Engagement: Mobile is so far the most influential invention of this century which totally changed the way of doing business, and it also hit the packaging industry in a right direction for setting new trends. E-commerce is an industry trend which revolutionizes the conventional business and customers prefer mobile interaction for their purchasing decisions. Brands are also focusing more towards mobile trend so they can connect and engage with their clients. Advancement in mobile features like near-field communication and Bluetooth low-energy are the key customers’ engagement technologies for brands by which they can connect with their clients to earn their confidence, gain their loyalty, and win their mentality, spirit, compassion and most importantly the wallets.



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