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Turn your Pillow Box into an Elegant looking Favor BoxPosted On: Mar-01-2022  By: Brittany Smith

Turn your Pillow Box into an Elegant looking Favor Box

Events have taken a turn and they have turned out to be much more of a celebration now. They had never been this special and in the past, people never paid much attention to them even. But now, gifts and treats have become an essential part of occasions and to make them look better is really important. If your treat does not look amazing, the receiver is never going to be excited to get it. Then what is the point of agift, that does not excite you?

Pillow boxes are the best bet for so many events. They are so helpful when it comes to parties and gifting anything to anyone at various occasions. With the variety in pillow box, we come to see so much designsand styles in them. Moreover, you can easily get them printed in any design or style that you wish. It is as easy as the snap of your fingers!

Difference between a pillow box and a favor box

But what is the difference between a pillow box and a favor box? To be honest, there isn’t lot of a difference. Favor boxes are more elegant as they are known as a treat to give away to the people who attend an event or party. They are used for special events like weddings. Whereas a pillow box can be utilized as a gift wrapper as well and can be given away as a favor box also!

But if you want to convert your pillow box into a favor box; how do you do it? Is it really difficult? Well, there are many ideas to do it. And here are some really easy and quick methods through which you can do so.

Custom pillow boxes make it easier to use it as a favor box as well. However, if you have bought a pillow box which is simple and plain, you can be creative with it, to make a beautiful favor box out of it. How?

  • Adding glitter to anything is one of the greatest ideas to change something simple into shiny and sparkling one. It not only attracts the eye, but looks utterly amazing as well. And something glittery is always a good idea for occasions.
  • How about adding tags to it? If you want a favor box for a wedding, then you can add a tag of the bride and groom (by simply typing their names on it).
  • Custom favor boxes are also a lot in trend. You can get your plain pillow box customized as well. There is a variety of designs for favor boxes specifically. You can get those printed on your pillow box and turn it out into your elegant favor box.
  • Ribbons are always a good idea! You can add an elegantly colored ribbon to your pillow box and that is how you can make it turn into an elegant favor box.

Customized favor boxes are a great idea as well. You can get them printed in any manner as you want. There is an endless variety in the designs, shapes and styles of favor boxes. A lot of online companies offer an immense variety of designs for favor boxes. If you want a pillow shaped favor box, then you can easily get plain pillow boxes (in cheap cost), and get them printed in any design that you wish to. For occasions like weddings, the designs for favor boxes are different. They are usually shiny and intricate. If you want to go in a budget, it is always better to get your work done in bulk. It will be less expensive and easier as well. And as favor boxes are giveaways on events; getting them printed in bulk is a great idea.


Changing your pillow box into an elegant favor box is not difficult at all. You can be self-creative or you can pay someone for their creativity to make your pillow box into a great favor box. The trend of custom pillow boxes and custom favor boxes is so high, that gift wrapping sheets are falling behind in the race. Make sure that whenever you are going ahead to give away some sort of treats; they should look amazing and attractive. The receiver must remember it and cherish it as a memory. 



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