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Well Designed Packaging Beneficial and the Most ImportantPosted On: Dec-21-2021  By: JASMIN

Well Designed Packaging Beneficial and the Most Important

Since the inception of product manufacturing the thing which is still as important as product is only it’s packaging. Whether the product is placed in front shelves of a store or in any corner, it requires only 7 seconds for a customer to decide whether they are going to purchase the product or not and that decision only depends on how much eye catching is product packaging.

Every year thousands of new products came in market but unfortunately 95% fails to grab the market and customer’s attention only because of less attractive and low quality packaging. In these days, consumers don’t want to waste their energy to sort out the gains and weaknesses of a product. That is why, 36% of consumers go for their desired products on basis of the packaging designs and colors and 64% are those consumers who also preferred only such new products which are wrapped in attractive packaging.

In order to know the maximum benefits of packaging and product promotion through packaging, we’ll discuss here few important aspects.

  • Reasons for Packaging: 

  • While transporting the goods from one place to another by keeping the safety issue in mind, packaging is the only solution for product protection. If you are transferring the products from warehouse to store, then two fold packaging will be used so that customers can get the product with proper wrapping. And if product needs to transfer from manufacturing plant to warehouse, then attractive packaging is not that important as compare to store. Packaging is no doubt a vital source in promoting your brand to a mass.
  • Packaging Semblance: 

  • The designs of packaging must be according to the size, and weight of the product. This will give some ease in deciding the colors combination while the printing the package. Packaging is the first impression of your brand on customers whether they are existing or new.
  • Packaging Onlooker: Every business wants perpetual impact on customer’s mind relating to their product and that can only be done by creating a strong brand image. Customers are the first observer or spectator of your product and by creating out of the box packaging; you can not only increase the value and image of your brand but pursue your customers also to buy the product of your company. These small but effective measures related to product packaging can make your brand a memorabilia for the customers.
  • Modes of Transport: Now a day’s, companies are facing intricate supply chain and acquiescence requirements while creating well designed and pioneering packaging. In all such cases, the thing which will be on top of all is packaging. Because no matter what mode you are using for transporting the goods, packaging needs to be fit and complete under anecdotal conditions. It can boost the confidence of fellow customers on your brand.
  • Simplify Purchase Decision: Well designed packaging is not only a combination of colors and designs but it means to add product related information, add some facts about your business and brand, and also add some interesting points on packaging. With the help of this information, a potential customer can easily choose your product without consulting with anyone. 

There are some qualities of well designed packaging which differentiate it from low-quality packaging. Some of them are:

  • Inventiveness: When you are introducingnew or the existing products to customers, innovative packaging is the first and most important step in creating positive image of your brand in customer’s mind. Packaging must express the brand’s aptitude to exclusively exhibit the merchandise for example through its dimension, color, outline or logo.
  • Vision: Packaging can provide fresh denotation to the identical products for diverse clients. It is significant to remember, that artistic packaging is no replacement for a great product.
  • Sustainability: Well designed is something which needs to be repeated by the company every time they manufacture a new product or redesign the existing products.
  • Packaging Connects with customers: Packaging must be designed in a way that it reveals the realization of customer’s desire, along with the product benefits. With the help of well designed packaging, consumers like to believe that a brand is in contact with their precise desires and proffer them something out of the ordinary.

With all these reasons, packaging is considered as an unspoken seller and good quality wrapping designs facilitates a product to stand out and distinguish itself from the competitors.



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