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Why Businesses Use Cardboard Packaging for Their Products?Posted On: Jun-23-2023  By: David

Why Businesses Use Cardboard Packaging for Their Products?

Commercially, there are tons of packaging options available for warping the selling products. Some fit easily in your pocket, while others go well with your product’s category. No matter, which packaging material you opted for your brand, the purpose of paying special attention to it remains the same –that is, for safe transportation, protection, and branding.

Plastic bags were previously used for packaging because of their durability. Without any doubt, plastic bags or packaging are durable, but are not sustainable. Glass is sustainable and durable, but often becomes so expensive to afford. Cotton degrades easily- but may not bear heavy loads. Steal is tough and affordable but undergoes corrosion in humid weather. All in all, all different types of packaging have their own associated strengths and weaknesses.

Thereby, the most commonly used product packaging available is cardboard packaging. It is one available option for all, not because cardboard boxes have only strengths. Rather, the most probable reason behind it is that its strengths are far greater than its weaknesses.

Today, we will explore why businesses prefer using cardboard packaging more deeply, or simply we will enlist some of the benefits of using cardboard packaging. Hopefully, you would love to have this information. Read it now till the end, and give us feedback of which fact about the custom cardboard boxes you like the most. Let’s kick off it:

1. Cardboard Packaging And Boxes:

Cardboard is simply a paperboard often comes in brown color, though after processing it can be turned white. It is present in long flat sheets that can be molded into any sheet or cut and join together to form small and large cardboard boxes.

We use these boxes for a variety of purposes. At home, it helps us in packing our precious belonging before becoming a part of our store rooms. At schools, children use these flat sheets to make arts or science projects. At warehouses, these boxes allow the shifting of material in large quantities from one place to another. Likewise, in grocery stores, these boxes (highly finished form) hold pearls, cereal, ice-creams, and other food or grocery items. 

2. What Makes Cardboard Boxes the Best Fit For Businesses?

            Custom cardboard boxes for packaging are often preferred over traditional packaging due to several reasons. The top of the list is, they are heavy-duty or can bear more weight quite easily. Secondly, they usually have thicker walls than plastic or other materials. Thirdly and fourthly, you can easily turn or clip it together to make any design of your choice. Lastly, cardboard packaging is affordable for all. That’s why people give priority to cardboard boxes rather than others. To further explore these benefits of cardboard boxes, see the following description:

2.1  Heavy-duty Material:

After steel and glass, the most heavy-duty packaging material is cardboard. To prove this claim, answer a simple question. Which packaging material can hold the steel bearings, glass, plastic, or cardboard? OR, which one is the perfect material to hold 500 g of cereals and pearls? Of course, the answer must be cardboard boxes in both cases, though the size of the boxes may vary in both cases. This represents how heavy-duty the cardboard is.

2.2  Thicker Walls:

Only a few available packaging materials have this quality. The walls of cardboard boxes are thick, giving extra protection to your stock. You may think that the same is true even for glass and steel containers. Yes, as we thicken their walls, weight increases tremendously; thus, decreasing the functionality of the packaging. Printed cardboard boxes are ideal as by increasing the wall thickness no considerable increase in weight is observed.

2.3  Adaptability:

Cardboard boxes are highly adaptable; simply, you can turn it in any shape. You can easily cut it and make the boxes of your own size and requirements. When it comes to customisation, you can easily paint it into your favorite shape. Screen printing is the commonly used method to print such boxes. Additionally, they are usually heat-resistance and if coated with oil film can lock moisture. In case the content inside the packaging is dry or needs to prevent moisture for this protection, fine aluminum foils are ideal to protect it.

2.4  Affordability:

Affordability is a matter for some, but not for all. Small businesses usually have a limited budget for packaging products so using highly refined plant-based packaging material becomes a bit difficult for them. In this case, the most affordable packaging material left behind is cardboard. This is because there is no cheaper option than cardboard available in the market at this time. Furthermore, even its cheaper rates do not harm the reputation of your emerging brand.

2.5  Sustainability:

The environmental concerns due to packaging or custom cardboard boxes remain in highlights for decades. Thus, no matter whether you are a small business or a renowned brand, keeping the sustainable environment goals a priority is uttermost important. So, cardboard packaging has gained a hike among all other different types of packaging material. It degrades even if left uncovered with any oily or paint film, for hours in rain.

2.6  Custom Designs and Shapes:

Customization of packaging material is important because it allows customers to recognize you as a brand. Cardboard packaging allows great customization. Print your own logo, add contrasting colors, and cut in any modern packaging shape. Long story short, make whatever you want to make by using simple flat sheets of cardboard and pack anything inside it.

3. Concluding Notes:

After all is said and done, we must conclude the study by highlighting a few simple facts. That is, Cardboard packaging is preferable for businesses due to almost half a dozen reasons (mentioned above). From enclosing the crunchy cereals to sealing the chilled latte, customized cardboard packaging is the best material for all. Irrespective of the type of the products, a flat cardboard sheet has the potential to improve the aesthetic appeal or increase the shelf appearance of almost everything. It is affordable, adaptable, and sustainable; thus, fulfilling all marketing demands of a product. To order your custom cardboard boxes, or know about their designs, drop a message in the chat section of The Custom Boxes Australia. We are sure that you will find something amazing.  



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