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Most moms have a lot of issue deciding what to give their kids for lunch. Every day, there is a new choice to make because kids get tired of eating the same thing very quickly. This is why kids are always requesting to eat something new. One thing that kids always love is sweets. They hardly ever get tired of sweets. If you put a muffin in your child’s lunch box, he or she will not get tired of it. Also, it is a healthy snack. There are many reasons why most mothers put muffins in their kid’s school lunch boxes.

A Yummy Snack

Kids do not always like vegetables. You should definitely give them vegetables but you cannot force them to eat greens every single day. So, you would have to put a muffin in the lunch box. It is a very yummy snack and your kid would always bring the lunch box home, empty. Mothers put muffins in the lunch box because they know that the kids would eat them. Otherwise, kids often do not eat their sandwich or greens and the lunch box comes whole, filled. So, mothers buy muffin boxes and put muffins in them for their kids’ lunch.

Easy Recipe

A lot of mothers also put muffins in lunch boxes because they are easy to make. If you search on the Internet, you would find hundreds of recipes to make at home. Also, it does not take a lot of time to make muffins. You can prepare the batter and put it in the oven while you do other things like dressing your kid up or cleaning the house. In the meantime, the muffin will cook.

Muffins are an easy lunch snack because you do not have to look over the stove for half an hour or so. You can just prop the tray in the oven and the muffins will be ready in about 25 minutes. To store the muffins, you can buy bakery boxes.

Healthy for Kids

A lot of people might think that desserts are not healthy for your kids. This is not entirely true. Muffins are actually healthy for your kids as they are made of whole flour. Also, you can put anything in the muffin such as nuts or bananas. If you make banana muffins, you will be giving potassium and Vitamin B6 to your kid. Similarly, you can also spread butter on the muffin and give your child enough carbs for staying energized during the day. A muffin has same amount of energy as two slices of bread so you are giving your child enough energy.

This is why many mothers make healthy muffins and put them in the lunch boxes. Some kids are very fussy and they do not want to eat fruits. So, mothers just put this fruit in the muffins and the kids eat them, without knowing that there is fruit inside. You can make everything from blueberry muffins to apricot muffins. In this way, the kids are taking in a lot of nutrition.

Share Muffins and Make Friends

Most kids make friends in school by sharing things, such as their lunch or stationery. It is very easy to make a friend by sharing a muffin with him or her. On the first day of school, you can put two or three muffins in your kid’s lunchbox and tell him or her to share them with other kids in the class. This is a great way to make friends and you will also be teaching your kid that sharing is caring.

Bake Sales

A lot of schools have bake sales in which they collect money for a cause. Mothers often make muffins for these bake sales as they are a delicious treat. If there is a bake sale at your kid’s school, you can bake a batch of muffins and then store then in muffin packaging. The other kids would love this treat and they will surely be asking for more. If you make muffins a lot, such as on daily basis for lunch, you should buy muffin boxes as they are the size of the muffin. Your kids will love you for this daily dose of sweetness and deliciousness in their lunchboxes.



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