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Do cardboard boxes invite termitesPosted On: Feb-18-2022  By: Smith

Do cardboard boxes invite termites

Termites have become a problem for the modern age packaging industry and its attack on these products, not only gives a loss but affects the products price in the market as no one including us could buy a termite product as its packaging will telling us something quite different.

Cardboard boxes are considered the best for storing different kinds of products from our daily life that is why manufacturers are using these cardboard boxes for two main reasons these are cheap and easily available as it is made with the raw wood. You can easily find them for your products anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world as every single person is using them for storing his products both domestically and commercially for a longer time.

Most people are using it for a long time but there is one defect in it as most people think that cardboard boxes are cheap but not good for storing your products for a long time as we all know that card boxes wholesale is the major source for packaging but it might attract the termites towards it which is the biggest malfunction of using it.

How Termites affect card board packaging boxes?

 Most of us did not know how they are attracted to termites and other organisms which not only harm these wholesale cardboard boxes but also the products already packed in it.

The cardboard packaging boxes are made from the raw food as we already had discussed and contained cellulose in it a major contributor of these termites. Termites get its nourishment from cellulose and it’s a natural phenomenon that termites recycle fallen trees and other decaying wooden materials. This recycle enables the termites to attack cardboard boxes. Their attack is slow in speed and their mall sizes don’t get noticed by the users of these boxes and in the result, a termite waste all your products packing making it worse to get in the market.

Detecting the termites Attack:

Scientists according to an estimate spend millions of dollars to avoid this termite effect on wooden packaging but they fail to detect the initial stage of the termite attack where these products and packaging boxes could be saved from its attacks.

As termites are small and their effect is not visible clear we cannot detect but sunlight is the best test as in sunlight these termites die and leave all your wooden packing boxes forever so it's better to place these cardboard boxes and other things in sunlight usually.

Many people detect termites accidentally in spring season winged insects often coming from floor holes enter into the woods and start operating there. If you found a hole in the floor during vacuum cleaning then it will be termites for sure as they enter from cracks and holes. When these termites attack the walls they leave the sheet damaged and gypsum is easily seen there.

You could save the precious furniture and cardboard boxes for your everyday use by detecting them on time.

Some Preventive measures in Australia for Cardboard boxes

Preventive Measures

You will find these boxes everywhere but not more than in Australia where every single product is being packed in it. In Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you will see a great variety of these boxes but the attack of termites is there too so to control it following measures could be taken.

There are a number of pest control services being offered all over the world but you should keep the following points in your mind so that you could protect your valuables from termites Attack as you cannot use the termite control for the lifetime.

•    1- Always uses a base for support of your valuable product made of cardboard or wood.

•    2- Do not place your product on a crawling surface it might get termites or other harmful organisms towards it.

•    3-wood scrap should be removed from the yard and crawlspace for better results.

•    4- if you cannot afford quarterly termite control then go for the early plan as it will save your money.

New and Elegant Card Board Boxes:

Termite examination and detection

Apart from the fear of Termite attack, everyone is nowadays going for the customized cardboard boxes which are made according to the standard style and size to which different kinds of products are easily fitted and you can change their shape and size according to your needs.

New style and trends are taking place of the old ones and now digital printed cardboard boxes are available where you don’t have to write or paste the ads and banners of the products and are all in digital technology which gives your products a unique style and attractive color.



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